Parasio is one of the most characteristic places of Porto Maurizio which, together with Oneglia, is one of the two main parts into which the city of Imperia is divided.

Perched on a promontory overlooking the sea, Parasio is a medieval village still almost completely pedestrian today, with the characteristic alleys that intertwine on the main road that climbs up to the top and the alleys that lead down to the sea.

Here stands the Basilica of San Maurizio just outside the medieval nucleus of Parasio and is the largest church in Liguria. The grandiose building is in neoclassical style and dates back to 1838, designed by Gaetano Cantoni.

The protagonist of the pictorial cycles that decorated this church in the decades around the mid-nineteenth century was Leonardo Massabò.

A suggestive and enchanted atmosphere among panoramas, squares, stairways, loggias and the scent of caper plants. Here it is worth stopping and enjoying the silence and the breathtaking view of the sea and the mountains.